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Fortitude ELEVATE is dedicated to providing a platform of direction and inspiration to upcoming generations. Our mission aims to empower individuals with the exponential mindset of Fortitude so they may broaden their horizons, break limiting beliefs, and chase their dreams. The Fortitude Foundation globally connects dreamers to the world’s most successful people to uncover how they broke through adversity to achieve their dreams, so we may have the Fortitude to chase our own.

Fortitude's Philosophy

Matrix of fortitude


One who seek victory is a man. One who spreads victory is Superman.

Human capital

While the human body has limitations, the mind does not. We believe that each human holds an inherent potential that allows them to push themselves beyond set limitations to achieve more within life.

The Fortitude Foundation seeks to pave the way for aspiring generations by empowering individuals to uplift their aptitude and catalyzing the exponential mindset of Fortitude.


Dare to dream

Dreams will always remain dreams unless one puts in the work. Take it from those who put in the work to achieve theirs.


We aim to seek out the potential in people to lead an exponentially meaningful life, under the principles of inspiration, compassion, and FORTITUDE.

However, what about the millions of voices and dreams that go unheard? The underprivileged lives of those less equipped to dream and prosper?

Alongside mindset mentoring, the FORTITUDE Foundation seeks to empower deprived communities with the resources and tools they need to uplift themselves out of poverty and fulfill their dreams.

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