Our Mission

To democratize education and inspire generations so everyone may strive for greatness.

Transparency & Accountability

42% of people don’t trust charities. We
make it a priority to be accountable and
transparent with every
dollar donated.

Open Ledger

Numbers don’t lie.
Follow the money and
take a look at our

100% Impact

All proceeds go directly
to our EDU initiative so
that every penny is
allocated to educating
more children.

Human Capital

Our Vision

To amplify global educational and ignite human potential so we may spark societal and latent growth.

How We Work

We partner with local and international organizations to deliver quality educational resources and build sustainable infrastructural projects around the world.

Our Approach

We build modern schools, support teachers with innovative technology, and provide students with educational and recreational resources in order to provide a wholesome educational experience

Our Goals: Educate

We work with local partners to fund mobility, quality, resource, and infrastructure programs for underprivileged communities around the world.

However, Fortitude is not limited to just providing educational resources. Our EDUCATE program is committed to elevating and optimizing literacy capabilities, so that children may progress beyond the classrooms towards brighter futures.


Improve the environmental standards surrounding the health, nutrition, and welfare of children and students within schools.


Ensure that every child and adolescent has access to a basic education and opportunities to post-basic education.


Optimize learning resources and revamp outdated systems through education technology and software integration.


Increase access to basic supplies and materials lacking in underprivileged communities, such as learning utensils and more.

Fortitude: Theory of Change

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